Our mission is to provide practical, responsive support for reproductive healthcare and resources for Central Texans.

By mobilizing the power of volunteers, we strive to bridge the gap to ensure that all Central Texans have equal access to reproductive healthcare.

Bridge Collective has paused our abortion support services and is taking some time to evaluate its operations in light of the recent decision in Jackson Women’s Health v. Dobbs, which has changed almost 50 years of settled law related to reproductive and constitutional rights.  While continuing to be focused on reproductive justice and access to important care for Texans, we are also undertaking substantial consideration and effort to ensure the organization and our volunteers are safe from punitive legal action in this new landscape for abortion rights.

About bridge


Our vision is for all Central Texans to have equitable and unrestricted access to abortion and reproductive care.


The Bridge Collective is an all-volunteer, consensus-based, non-hierarchical organization. We advocate for the bodily autonomy of all people and believe everyone deserves access to reproductive healthcare. The support we offer is unconditional.

The Bridge Collective

We are the bridge that connects people with the healthcare they need.

The Bridge Collective


The Bridge Collective was founded in 2012 as a full spectrum doula collective. Our founders provided doula support for "all bodies, all choices." As Texas passed more and more abortion restrictions, the Bridge Collective shifted from abortion doula support to practical support. Due to the Supreme Court decision in Jackson Women's Health v. Dobbs overturns Roe v. Wade, we are no longer able to provide abortion support due to Texas's restrictions. What hasn't changed is our dedication to providing compassionate support to Central Texans seeking reproductive healthcare.